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Welcome to FiverrBot. Find the right Crypto freelance services for your project right away!

Welcome to FiverrBot. Find the right Crypto freelance services for your project right away!

If you're looking to start your own crypto project then look no further than the FiverrBot

Save time, effort and stress

By using our services you can save yourself a lot of hassle.

Identify the right professional for the job

If you are struggling to find a talented person to complete a job, Fiverrbot is here to the rescue.

Eliminate Scams

By hiring a person using our bot you can eliminate scams as all the freelancers are trusted.

All the features you need

FiverrBot makes life more simple for project owners to find the right resources, from a utility dev to a video content creator to a marketing agent, all can be sourced on this innovative Telegram Bot.


We have an abundance of highly skilled graphics designers for all types of projects that can fit within your needs and budget!

Utility Development

we have a number of developers ready to work on your next groundbreaking utility, they all have shown experience and expertise in their field, from daps, staking, chains to bots!

Website Development

Our bot is the one stop shop for Website developers, whether your looking for a quick degen or a seriouse utility project, the perfect developer awaiits you!

We accept $FiverrBot and $ETH

$FiverrBot and $ETH are supported currencies for using FiverrBot, when using $FiverrBot as the native currency you will receive discount in services prices, but not only that, when you hold $FiverrBot tokens, you will automatically be enrolled in the revenue share programme where all you have to do is Hold tokens to earn passive income!



CA: 0x7594d70963bfa8e5b24a9b47cb290da2cd4f9d9c

Total Supply: 100,000,000


Phase 1

  • Launch Socials
  • Complete FiverrBot Testing
  • Pre launch marketing
  • Create Community
  • Launch Token

Phase 2

  • Launch Whitepaper
  • Launch FiverrBot
  • Telegram Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign

Phase 3

  • List on CoinGecko
  • List on Coin Market Cap
  • Launch Revenue Sharing platform
  • List on Mid Tier Exchange
  • Trend on multiple platforms

Phase 4

  • List on Tier 1 Exchange
  • Partnership with Tier 1 Influencers
  • Onboard Third-Party Marketing
  • Add inbuilt wallet function

Phase 5

  • Launch Upgraded FiverrBot with added functions
  • YouTube marketing campaign
  • Start worldwide trending campaign
  • List on Tier 1 Exchanges
  • Achieve 5000+ Holders

Find the right crypto freelancers now!

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