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Fiverr Alternatives

Fiverr AlternativesWhether you are looking to purchase services for your small business or you are engrossed in selling your services online, there is no doubt that Fiverr is still regarded as the best in micro jobs sites for both the buyer and seller. In addition, this site has the strongest platform, the best reach and it also has an interface that is easy to search and navigate. Aside from this, the system is being consistently and actively updated, managed, and enhanced based on user feedback.


However, if you still prefer to learn more about a few good Fiverr alternatives for you to greatly extend your reach; there are a few options to consider. These alternatives must be able to accurately suit a few criteria to be good Fiverr alternatives :


  1. They have to Acquire Enough Traffic: In case that there are not sufficient purchasers as well as sellers then there is no need to be worried.
  2. They have to Possess a Pleasant and great System in Place: This comprises of processing payments, support systems for purchasers and sellers, and of course seller promotions. In the same way, there must also be some manifestations that the site is being vigorously managed and kept updated.
  3. Alternatives must have the Potential to Produce Real Money: Can a logically skilled and well-talented freelancer earn more than a few bucks on the site?


Here are a few Fiverr Alternatives

  1. Here, all sellers are carefully screened and then approved manually before they can be formally listed. Indeed, they are bolstered to list cut-throat, yet more practical prices for their services. You can expect a specific order as well as professionalism on this site and it examines both the purchasers and sellers.
  2. This is a big and very busy platform for all things that are related to Internet marketing and SEO. In the event that you are looking to purchase and sell in this niche, it might be an excellent option for you than Fiverr. Aside from the reality that this site offers the broadest range of money you can request for your gigs, this site also acquires a ton of traffic. Payments are settled via Payee, PayPal, and Payza/Alertpay.


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  3. In this site, sellers are given the option of getting paid through credit cards and Payza. It is free to join, you can easily post as many gigs as you wish and gigs can be priced around $5 up to $50.
  4. Gigs on this site start at $4. Here, sellers have the capability to add gig extras for different small amounts plus there is also a rating system here. If you wish to extend your reach, this may be a good option. This comes with some similarities to Fiverr.


A Few Tips When Selling on Fiverr Alternatives

User Name

While this may be something simple and you want to go with a username that you utilize across other forums, profiles or that you personally like – DO NOT DO IT! Your username is literally 30%-35% of your ranking factors when you first start selling. A good username can lead to instant sales, while a bad username will leave you at the bottom of search results.

If you are looking towards going into the article writing niche, then your username should be something like Articles4Cheap, SEO_Articles1, Articles_4_U, Articles_of_Art, etc. You get the idea. Utilize the best keywords inside your username to get higher rankings on the website. To find out whatever the site’s MAX character count is for usernames. Use to get your character counts exactly right.


About Me Section

This section is what will be displayed on ALL YOUR GIGS, so make sure this is basically a sales pitch that delivers confidence to buyers that you are the best at what you do. Don’t make this about “family, personal matters, or to update about vacation time”. This area is strictly to be made ONE TIME and should focus on how you are an expert in your field/niche/industry.


EXAMPLE: I’m John Doe – CEO of my own Article Writing Firm in Miami, FL. Our staff of 10 writers has serviced over 250 companies, delivered 5,000+ articles, and written over 2 MILLION WORDS in 4 short years! If you need high-quality content written by a native English speaker, BUY FROM US and see the difference.


These 2 small things can make the difference, because when someone lands on your gig, the first things they read are your username, the gig description and THEN your “About Me” profile area. Almost all micro jobs sites have this in their listings, so spend time making it look professional and utilizing every character to tell a story.


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Posted on May 15, 2014 in Why Choose Fiverr

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Quit Your J.O.B.
"Just Over Broke"

Make $12,640 / mo. on Fiverr!

We show you how to manage 10 accounts with Fiverr Bot, with each account making $1,000+ / mo. on autopilot!