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Similar to FiverrOver the last few years, we must accept that there has been a lot of increase in Fiverr users. That said, there has also been an increase to other platforms similar to Fiverr. Competition is quite tough and it is important to note that despite the alternatives, a lot of research must be put in place to ensure that you get nothing superior to the Fiverr platform. If you care to check, you will note that a lot of sites with similar platforms are on the increase but one thing that you need to note that some of these sites offer incredibly lower prices for the same amount.


These sites similar to Fiverr, actually do make Fiverr look like a very bad site for a newbie, with the 20% commissions, 5 million gigs competing with one another, $5 price point, and the 14+ day withdrawal waits that Fiverr has. But one thing you need to take care of is when something just feels too good, it’s usually too good to be true. One of the sites where you can enjoy great similarities with great benefits is SEOClerks, it is literally the only competitor to Fiverr and simply because it’s a focused hub for micro jobs is SEO sellers/resellers. However, top earners only bring in $7,000-$8,000 a month. Why to bother when you can do that with 4-5 Level 2 accounts on Fiverr using Fiverr Bot. Finding the right online platform might not be as easy to a freelancer for the first time, but Fiverr gets you quick sales and Fiverr Bot makes it even quicker. It is a waste of time to list five gigs, optimize your profile, and wait around for 2 – 4 weeks. It sucks, right?


Well, when you’re able to take that same profile, duplicate it 10x over, then you have 50 gigs listed, each with spun text that is readable, but unique to the Fiverr search engines. That ensures that you’ll have at least 1 of your gigs start to get sales, and in the meantime, you can utilize our Fiverr Bot Mastermind to get your first reviews & stimulate sales in other “secret ways“.


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You just have to have a talent, you don’t even have to be good at it! You just have to go out there, and give it all you have got and always try to over deliver. If you have what it takes, then consider sticking to what you are familiar with. The only problem is that most people give up too soon on the site, and that’s what Fiverr Bot helps address. Usually, with Fiverr, a lot of patience is required to ensure that buyers finally start purchasing your gig and showing others it’s potential by saving and favoriting it. You can make a mark as a great deliverer and have 10-20 orders a day, even at just $5, that’s a great run, but with $20 and $40 gig extras, that’s a boat load of money!


Remember Fiverr has numerous opportunities that many people can enjoy. Simply know that no other sites are similar to Fiverr and can compare with a large number of opportunities on it. You are able to work for fun while at the same time earning a few dollars in your free time.


PS: We know the reason people search for a “Fiverr Similar Site” is because they haven’t had success WITH Fiverr yet. That’s where Fiverr Bot comes in. Fiverr Bot duplicates your accounts/gigs/titles/descriptions and spins them, creates more of them, ensuring you get your first sales SOMEWHERE. Whatever account starts making sales first, you keep marketing and pushing more to it. Soon you’ll have a formula you can repeat. Fiverr Bot makes it so simple, and the best part is, you can subscribe to Fiverr Bot instantly by clicking here.


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Posted on July 9, 2015 in Why Choose Fiverr

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Quit Your J.O.B.
"Just Over Broke"

Make $12,640 / mo. on Fiverr!

We show you how to manage 10 accounts with Fiverr Bot, with each account making $1,000+ / mo. on autopilot!