Learn how to get Work on Fiverr on Autopilot

How to Get Work on Fiverr

How to Get Work on FiverrIf you have learned about Fiverr thoroughly, you will already be surprised on how much money you can really make using this freelancing site. If you are talented and if you have the right product in hand (that is in demand), then there isn’t really anything that can stop you from earning a lot, see Sasha F and how she earned $100,000. Fiverr’s really that effective!


Now, there is another awesome option basically known as an autopilot feature to multiply your sales without you having to sit in front of your computer the whole day for the process of selling your product or service. If you learn how to get work on Fiverr in the first place, it’s very easy to put it on auto pilot mode. Here is how it works.


For instance, you wrote a novel and you are trying to sell the eBook or E-copy at the same time (PDF, Kindle, etc.). As a normal seller, you may create one gig and put it up there and wait for it? But on autopilot, you do the same thing a little differently. Fiverr allows each person to have maximum 20 5 active gigs at any point in time. So here is where our Autopilot Mission starts and moves ahead.


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  1. Put up this eBook on all 20 gigs 5 gigs, this gives you more and more visibility.
  2. Put this link up on all social networking sites, that way you are bringing more readers and possible buyers for your eBook. This is important in terms of widened visibility.
  3. Be careful about the descriptions you write about this eBook anywhere. Be it on the social networking website or Fiverr, ensure you write exactly what is in your eBook. If your novel is a big time rom-com then if you go and write the description as it’s a sci-fi thriller or a comedy entertainer then chances are that this trick will not work.
  4. The moment you realize the copies are being sold, release a teaser video. A short video that talks about what is in your eBook and how entertaining it is. This video should be released on all social sites again in order to let people be reminded about this eBook. In many instances, people buy products depending on the reviews and feedback. So don’t forget to add testimonies in your teaser.
  5. Another important point about description. Add as many tags as possible. All the possible tags that people have searched for. Since this is an eBook of a novel, let the character names be tagged too. No harm if readers come here and realize it’s not for them. But it’s harm if readers are searching for it and could not find your gig(s) because of bad/wrong tagging.
  6. Use a unique cover that is enticing plus true to what is in the eBook. This can be easy, as you can get eBook covers made on Fiverr for just $5 and with UNLIMITED REVISIONS!


By doing all these, even if you sell one copy on each of your gigs, you can easily make 4$ per gig, that is $20 dollars. This will get you $80 per month on auto-pilot. If you open 2 Fiverr accounts, then it just doubles up to $160 per month. Now this is why you want to utilize Fiverr Bot when you’re able to make 50 accounts in less than 10 minutes, you can instantly increase your sales to 50 accounts x $80 = $4,000 per month. You can start to see how this is all possible and make a living online can be easy.


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Posted on July 28, 2014 in Fiverr Success, Fiverr Tips

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Quit Your J.O.B.
"Just Over Broke"

Make $12,640 / mo. on Fiverr!

We show you how to manage 10 accounts with Fiverr Bot, with each account making $1,000+ / mo. on autopilot!

Quit Your J.O.B.
"Just Over Broke"

Make $12,640 / mo. on Fiverr!

We show you how to manage 10 accounts with Fiverr Bot, with each account making $1,000+ / mo. on autopilot!